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  • July 22, 2018

Rasgulla or Rosogolla , very famous sweets in Bengal as well as others part of India. These white sweets spongy balls are very hard to resist and one is not enough to satisfy our needs. These traditional Bengali sweets are made from fresh cottage cheese. Rosogolla are essential for every occasion. Knowing or un-knowingly we made a special bond with this particular sweet. But verities of Rosgulla are hard to find. There are two or three type different verities of Rosgulla are avialble. Sometimes we feel bore to eat same thing again and again. Well here is a good news for those who seek different varieties of Rasgullas.  “Swati’s Flavours of Rasgulla” is here. Where you will get 250+ different flavours of Rasgulla.

I and my fellow foodie friends were invited by Swati Sharaf , the Owner of “Swati’s Flavours of Rasgulla” for a special tasting sessionThe experience was amazing. A pure bliss for taste buds. The place located in Active Acres, near Tangra in Kolkata. We tried around 7 types of signature Rasgulla started with,

  • Kesar Rosgulla –20375729_861451510676906_1361275754878841183_nMade with fresh cottage cheese and Saffron (Kesar). This orange color Rasgullas are amazing in taste.Decorated with sprinkled saffron & green cardamomTwo different sizes are available. One small and another one is big. 
  • Rose Rosgulla – 20375687_861451380676919_712160279004892744_nThese Rose flavours Rosgullas are very unique in taste. Small Rose petals and faluda are used to decorate it. They used natural colour and natural sugar. These pinkish Rasgullas look gorgeous.
  • Black Current Rosgulla – 20479870_861451694010221_6155419667227713538_nPreviously I heard about Black current Ice Cream but not Rosgulls. If you love Black Current flavour then this Rasgullas you don’t want to miss. The look and the taste both are unique. Too good.
  • Fuchka Rosgulla – 20430143_861451434010247_7282873277781928756_nDidn’t see that coming. I have a weakness for phuchka but Phuchka Rasgulla!! The syrup was made of pudina leaves, coriander leaves, tamarind water and chat masala. Just try it. It taste just like the imli (Tamarin) water we used to have with Phuchkas.
  • Chocolate Rasgulla –

    Fusion Sweets are quite common now days and chocolate sandesh is the result of fusion sweets but never heard about chocolate Rasgullas until Swati introduce this with us. The chocolate flavours Rasgulla have a unique taste. Good for chocolate lovers. Decorated with small chocolate chips.

  • Orange Rasgulla – 20430033_861451720676885_6764340906298107402_nThis orange flavour Rasgullas with lots of oranges pulps put into the syrup mixture, really delicious. It was soft and very flavourful.
  • Watermelon Rasgulla –20476347_861451474010243_3714614267562868705_nBy the looks it’s amazing as per taste its delicious. These red coloured watermelon flavoured Rasgulla is the showstopper. A must try Rasgulla.

Every Rasgull will cost you Rs. 25/- only. Apart from these flavour there more than 200+ different flavours of Rasgullas are here to discover, so make sure to visit the place and experiance these amazing delicious spongy Rasgullas. The place is something like a hidden treasure.  

For info please feel free to contact on this number , SWATI SARAF 

Special thanks to:

○ Swati Saraf  @ Puja Saraf (Owner of  Swati’s Flavours of Rasgulla)– For the lovely invitation and warm hospitality. 

○ Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide) – For leading us

○ I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron

Food is love & We Love to eat. Yes I Proudly say I am পাঁচ ফোড়ন – Panch Phoron – पन्चफोरन forever.

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