Ingredients of chicken parmigiana (1)Egg yolk (2 or 3) (2)Flour (3 table spoon) (3)Bread crumbs (10 or 12 slice bread) (4) Supreme part of chicken (5)salt (6)Black pepper powder Marinara sauce – – – (1) olive oil (2) Tomato (3) tomato ketchup (4)Origano (5) salt (6) Black pepper powder (7)parsley… Method of chicken parmigiana – – – – – Method of cooking – – (deep frying) (1) Marinate the chicken for minimum 3 to 4 hrs with viniger and salt (2) Take flour 3 tea table spoon for 4 parmigiana items (3)Take bread crumbs 3 tea table spoon for 4 or 5 parmigiana items (4)Take 3 or 4 egg yolks and whip it.. (5)Take a frying pan and pour olive oil/refine oil into it… (6)Take out the chicken from marination part and it mix with flour.. Then mix with egg yolk and then mix with bread crumb… (7)put it mixture into this pan… It should be out of flame and with the flame.. It should be deep fry (shouldn’t be any semi deep fry) Garnishing – – – orange colour comes from carrot White colour comes from cheese Green colour comes from green bell pepper and parsley (fine chopped)

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