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  • on July 22, 2018
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  • July 22, 2018

Kulfi, this word reminds me of my childhood, and sweet sound of a ringing bell. Kulfiwalas were coming with their small red coloured pull cart and ring the bell to attract us. Where ever we were we start running by hearing the sound. I always imagine those red coloured pull carts as a little treasure box, and as soon as kulfiwala starts to serve the kulfi I always try to sneak peek in the box and try to grab a treasure aka kulfi malai.  Those memories are always precious for me. Those badam (Nuts) and malai made kulfis were simply delicious, how unhygienic they might its won’t bother us. So, when Rajdeep da told us that we have to cover a Kulfi event its make me nostalgic. The event took place in a shop known as Bombay Kulfi. The place located at 40 a, Chakraberia Rd, Madan Mohan Malaviya Sarani, Jadubabur Bazar, Bhowanipore. This small dessert shop is loaded with more than 30 varieties of Kulfis & Natural Ice cream. Traditionally kulfi is made with khoya (thickened dried milk) which gives a rich taste. This solid icy dessert is one of its kind.

As you entered in the store you will find a black board that shows the menu and another board with sticky notes on it for the customers to write on their feedback. We tried two different types of kulfi, one was sliced round and flat and other one was the traditional Kathi (Stick) type.

We tried 6 different flavours of sliced kulfis and 5 different flavours of Kathi Kulfis. We started with,

Guava Peru with Chilli :28166719_963108840511172_8977142766256039094_n This creamy guava flavoured kulfi have a unique taste, they served it with chilli powder from top which added a new dimension in it. Its almost felt like you are having a piece of guava with a sweet creamy dips. One of the signature dish they have to offer. Try it.

Oreo Seasonal : 28167310_963108707177852_8544758310661764014_nMy all-time favourite. Well to be honest I tried Oreo milk shake many time, but Kulfi this was the first time and its surprisingly delicious. Small crushed oreo in frozen creamy kulfi. Simply amazing.

Kalkatta Pan :28167341_963108870511169_3900884415545904736_nAnother signature item and my personal favourite. This kulfi is a combined flavour of Paan and assorted dry fruits. This rich creamy paan flavoured kulfi is must have if you visited the place. It was so good in taste, hard to describe it in words. Try it.

Tender Coconut Slice : 28166394_963108890511167_5035556095670722737_n Coconut flakes are used inside of this kulfi, taste!! Just mind blowing.

Seasonal Black Grapes – 28277071_963108753844514_2244915919958780390_nThis pinkish black grape flavoured kulfi was good in taste. Sweet, creamy and flavourful.

Coffee Walnut :28167696_963108673844522_5630817737685336874_n Another unique flavour of kulfi. This coffee flavoured creamy kulfi filled with small pieces of walnuts. Rich in taste. It’s a must try for coffee and kulfi lovers, serves the both purpose equally.

After having these delicious sliced kulfi we also tried 5 different flavour of kulfi stick and those were,

Rangila Stick-28377921_963108623844527_5903114352985882278_n

5 different flavors in one stick. It was really amazing in taste.  All those different flavors creating a whole new mixed flavor of kulfi. Try it. We also had Malai Stick, Mango Stick, Gulab Badam Stick and Salted Caramel Stick.

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