New cafe alert – One Sip Restro Cafe

Deyasini Paul

The City of Joy is booming with new restaurants with amazing ambience and mouth-watering food, One Sip Restro Cafe is a new addition to this list. Being a music theamed cafe just adds a jewel to the crown.


It is located in the 5th floor of The Terminus, New Town.
The interior is a paradise for all music lovers. You can find piano, guitars, drums at every corner. The colourful and vibrant walls are adorned with pictures of eminent mucicians. The restaurant is divided into two floors with a variety of seating arrangements – comfortable couches, wooden stools, aquariums and drums as table, there are even tables with gaming screens where you can enjoy playing video games with your friends. You will surely be impressed with the innovative interior. There is still much more to this cafe!
They have a separate drinks sections, serving refreshing mocktails and coffee.
Here you can even try the new hype of the city – Selfie Coffee!

Now coming to the food. This is a multi cuisine restaurant serving Continental, Middle Eastern, Indian delicacies. The dishes we tried here are –

• Bekti Frito : This is the classic fish and chips. Bhetki fillets are marinated, breaded and deep fried. It had a crispy coating and was juicy inside. It was served with a bucket of french fries, mustard sauce and tartar sauce.


• Arabic Mezze Platter : It is a classic Lebanese delicacy. A complete platter containing Moroccan chicken, Falafel, pita bread, baba ganoush, tabouleh, tzatziki, pickled hummus.

• Murgh Dhungaari Kebab : Succulent chicken morsels are charred and smoked in a spicy marination with onions and peppers. It was served with a green chutney and laccha onion.

• Laham Kafta – It is a lamb kebab inspired by traditional Moroccan seekh kebab. It was served with a yougurt dip and naan.

• Gyoza – These are pan fried dumplings, juicy on the inside, crispy and golden brown on the outside. These dumplings consist of ground meat and served with a chilly oil.

• Gondhoraj Fish Tikka – It is made using fresh Kolkata bhetki. It had minimum spices and has a fragrant lemony aroma and taste.

Main Course:
• Jerk Chicken – Jerk is style of cooking native to Jamaica, in which meat is dry rubbed or wet marinated hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice. The chicken legs are marinated with the spice mix and grilled to perfection. It is served on a bed of potato wedges along with roasted onion and tomato.

• Bourbon Grilled fish – Grilled Bhetki fillets served with minty mushy peas, pomegranate salsa and bourbon kissed caper butter sauce. The fish was flaky and beautifully cooked.


• Kosha Mangsho Combo – It is a combo of succulent Kosha mutton, tandoori roti, onion salad and papad. Comfort food at it’s best.

• Mutton Vindaloo – This mutton curry cooked with coconut milk is a popular Goan delicacy. It is served with pickled onion and steamed rice.

• Phad Kra Pao – It is a rice bowl containing chilli basil chicken, fried rice and a sunny side up.


• Lava cake – The molten lava cake was cooked with utmost perfection. Molten chocolate oozes out as you cut through it. It was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is the most indulgent and sinful dessert you can think of.

•Truffle Gulab Jamun – The presentation of this dessert was totally unique. Hot Gulab jamun stuffed with chocolate truffle was served with vanilla ice cream in a cocktail glass. Definitely a droolworthy dessert.

We also tried few refreshing mocktails-

Blue Apple Dynamite
Kiwi Mint Marrakech ( Recommended )
Royal smile
Cosmo bull
Cucumber Symphony ( Recommended )
Atlantic Fizzy Melon

Both the food and the ambience will steal your heart, this along with the afforadability of this place makes it worth a visit.

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