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  • July 22, 2018

If you are in Kolkata and wanted to taste some delicious pan Asian cuisine then there is one good place in southern avenue which can surely fulfill your desire – ‘ASIA HOUSE’. This is truly a unique restaurant where you can find not only some great Chinese food but also you can find dishes ranging from Indonesian to Vietnamese to Malaysian cuisine and lots more. The interiors are very smartly decorated with red and black themed seating arrangements and beautiful artwork and sculptures hanging on the wall to give it a vintage Asian look which is really commendable. Recently they launched some of their Signature Bowls and invited #TeamPanchPhoron for this event. The concept is really cool and each dish or I can say each bowl has its own identity and something to tell about the cuisine. The Signature Bowls which were there are as follows : Bangkok Chilli Basil Bowl, Chef’s Late Night Bowl, Spicy Malaysian Curry Bowl, Vietnamese Pho, Indonesian Bakso, A Chinese Lost in Burma, Indonesian Goreng Bowl and Ho Chin Minh City Lunch Bowl.

Location : 17A, Lake View Road, beside Lake Kali Bari.

Price : Meal for Two would cost you around INR 800/-

Food :

1. Indonesian Bakso:

IMG_20171216_135525823.jpg Indonesian Bakso

This is an Indonesian Dish with sweet and spicy broth made of (Veg/chicken/pork) with kaffir lime and pepper bedded over steamed rice and dim-sums. The dim-sums were nicely prepared and the staffing was well seasoned with minced chicken. The broth was excellent and the chilli and pepper gave this dish an extra flavour.

2. Vietnamese Pho:

IMG_20171216_133952336 Vietnamese Pho

A traditional Vietnamese Soup prepared with rice noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, bok choy, coriander,spring onions,basil,lime and green chillies and served with steamed rice. This is an awesomely prepared dish and great for those chilly winter evenings. The dish was Extremely light and the basil and green chillies were made this a perfect dish.

3. Spicy Malaysian Curry Bowl:

IMG_20171216_134522347.jpg Spicy Malaysian Curry Bowl

This Malaysian Curry bowl was prepared with Chicken and the Broth was really interesting and awesomely flavourful. Served with steamed rice and garnished with a lime wedge and fried onions. The curry was to die for, it was delicious and perfectly seasoned. This is a coconut based and Kaffir lime infused chicken curry and topped with some fresh cream.

4. Bangkok Chilli Basil Bowl:

IMG_20171216_131757645_HDR.jpg Bangkok Chilli Basil Bowl

Perfectly cooked basmati rice covered by a nicely cooked layer of Thai chilli basil minced chicken topped with coriander leaves and one sunny side up egg. Chilli basil chicken was well made with soft pieces of chicken and a spicy and tangy broth.

5. Chef’s Late Night Bowl:

IMG_20171216_133251527.jpg Chef’s Late Night Bowl

This is well known kung pao chicken preparation served with stir fried rice and fried egg. The chicken was nicely cooked, the gravy was thick with vegetables and cashew nuts and garnished with fresh coriander. Rice was well prepared with proper seasoning.

6. A Chinese Lost in Burma:

IMG_20171216_132317509.jpg A Chinese Lost in Burma

This a Burmese dish and prepared with Dim-sums dipped in a bowl of hot and sweet curry with crispy noodles and poached egg. the curry was made of thin slices of pork and the noodles were nicely fried and crispy. Pork was very tender and the gravy was little bit on the sweeter side.

7. Indonesian Goreng Bowl:

IMG_20171216_131729068_HDR.jpg Indonesian Goreng Bowl

The famous Indonesian ‘Nasi Goreng’ . Stri fried rice served with chicken satay, Peanut sauce and poached egg. The rice was little bit spicy but it was very flavourful. The chicken satay was well cooked and with the peanut sauce it was just awesome.

8. Ho Chin Minh City Lunch Bowl.

IMG_20171216_140431731.jpg Ho Chin Minh City Lunch Bowl

A typical Vietnamese dish prepared with Black pepper pork and stir fried red chilli fried rice and fried egg. The pork was extremely tender and the sauce was bit salty. But, the rice was well prepared and well seasoned.

Asia House serving a great Pan Asian food at a reasonable price and the Portions are generous(Enough for two), with excellent service and great hospitality. A highly recommended place to visit with your friends and family.

Thanks to ‘ASIA HOUSE’ for inviting TeamPanchphoron. Thank you ‘Mr. Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)’ for the Invitation and guiding us through your experience. I am proud member of PanchPhoron.

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