Tri Colour Poori

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Tri Colour or Tiranga puri
This recipe is specially for you on the occasion of Independence Day😊

*All natural colour has been used in this recipe…

1)Carrot(for orange colour)
2) Cauliflower ( for white colour)
3) Spinach (for green colour)
4)Maida/refined flour as per ur quantity
5) Refined oil
6) Salt


At 1st make paste of carrot, spinach & cauliflower… without using water…
After that make we have to make dough for individual colour…so in maida..add some salt & oil…& Mix dough with each paste..don’t use water if not needed….
Now we have to take small portion from each of the dough…& At 1st stretch it & make it longer…now each dough has to keep side by side…Now fold it from one end…after that roll & make it flat with the help of rolling pin….at last we have to fry the poori..
& it’s absolutely ready to serve hot😊

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