Here is a healthy tricolor dessert recipe to celebrate the occasion of India’s Independence Day. For me everyday is Independence Day ❤

Today’s Tricolor Fruit Parfait is a dessert in which layers of fruits, khoya & motichur are assembled in tall glasses. Children love this types of decorated healthy stuff, my intention is to serve children.
Here fresh kiwi & grapes fruit is uses as the green layer , fresh motichur boondis make up for the saffron layer and the middle white layer is made using khoya. You can’t find a tricolor recipe easier & healthier than this, which has a little tangy flavor of kiwi and outstanding sweetness of kheer.
1) 1 fresh kiwi
2) 5 grapes pieces
3) 500 ml Milk
4) 100 gm Besan
5) Orange food color
6) 100 gm Sugar
7) 2 Ilaichi
8) 3 Tablespoons Milk Powder
9) Water
10) Ghee
11) Almonds for decoration
Preparation of Khoya:
1) Take heavy bottom nonstick pan. Heat the milk in a pan on medium heat.
2) Once it comes to a boil, let it simmer and reduce on medium-low flame. Keep stirring after every 3-4 minutes.
3) After 20 mins add milk powder, 50 gm sugar & Ilaichi. Keep stirring.
4) When it’ll be more grainy you need to scarp the sides.
5) When it’ll become thick & sticky it’s done.
Preparation of Motichur Boondis: 
1) To a large bowl add besan & orange food color.
2) Add water to it & make the batter lump free smooth.
3) Heat Ghee or Refine oil in a kadhai & with the help of jhara pass the batter slowly into the kadhai.
4) Cook it for 40 to 50 sec on low flame.
Place the boondis into sugar syrup (Sugar Syrup: to a kadai, add sugar and water. Add cardamom powder & boil it to make it thick sticky and add orange food color).
5) Heat the boondis along with sugar syrup for 3 mins & it’s ready.
Assembling of Parfait:
1) Add the grapes & kiwi pieces to the bottom of the glasses.
2) Now add the khoya into the glasses as the middle layer.
3) Lastly add the motichur boondis to it as the topmost layer.
Our delicious, super healthy children’s favourite parfait is ready. Do try it. 😉
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