Beat the Heat with Your Favorite Drink

Antara Dey

Summer is here in full swing. The sun is heating earth in extreme level. Now, this is time to kick off drinking more and more. A glass of chilled drink trims down all your exhaustion and makes you feel refreshed. When the drink is flavored with your favorite fruit, slurping it becomes more delightful.

A glass of drink in summer is so effective that it gives you a cooling feel of freshness and takes care of your health as well. So stay fresh as well as healthy with the drinks, filled with nutrients.

Mouth-watering Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon is one of the most wonderful fruits of summer. The juicy, red-colored fruit is everyone’s favorite in the hot summer days. When this juicy fruit is properly blended with milk, the nutrient counts increase along with the taste. In a lazy afternoon of a weekend or in an evening of a long stressful working day, taking sips to a glass of watermelon smoothie is great.

Blissful Lassi

Although originated in Punjab, it is a favorite drink of all Indians. A glass of this pure yogurt-based drink on a hot sunny day is desirable for any individual. Yogurt is exceptionally good for your health in summer, as it helps in keeping the body cool and protects from being dehydrated. So, this sweet and a bit sour drink is one more good option to embrace in summer.

Magnificent Mango Milkshake

Mango is the most scrumptious fruit of summer season. I guess, there is no one who does not love mango. And when this juicy, pulpy, flavored fruit is blended with the taste of milk, it is just awesome. The combination is so much refreshing, that kicks your stresses away and helps you forget all agony due to the extreme heat of the sun.

Cope heat with Cold Coffee

Do you love coffee? But cannot take the sips of hot coffee during summer? Do not forget, you have another option which will chill your body and cut down your craving for coffee as well. Take a glass of cold coffee for a while, and you will be refreshed.

Shake of Kesar Badam milk

If you are in love with the nutty flavor, badam milk is a perfect drinking choice for you, in this tremendously hot season. Along with refreshing your body and mind, it will help you feeling filled for a long time. As the drink is loaded with all essentials, you will get the nutrients as well. The flavor of kesar (saffron) adds a twist to the taste.

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