The word kebab means ‘to roast’. Kebab which is generally a meat patty or a vegetable patty mixed with various kinds of spices. Kebabs are mostly served with different kinds of flat breads and also with different kinds of salad as a starter. With the passage of time, kebabs have paved its way to the modern day cuisines.

Quite true to its name Riyasaat e Hind has its own aura and nawabi domain and culture. This place finds itself at BeckBagan which is a minute walking from Quest Mall. Royalty finds novelty at Riyasaat e Hind. Their bold and elegant flavors satisfy a diner’s soul. To start with the ambience this place has been rightly named as it has mughal tiles as their floor design and vintage mughal style lanterns to light up the ambience. Along with jafri partion for private dining they have arrangements which cater to 50 people approximately.

We the Team PanchPhoron and Am2PmFood were invited to taste their some of their north Indian delicacies.

Dahi Ki Kebab: These kebabs have a crispy texture but are so soft that it melts our mouth with a bite. It is best enjoyed with green chutney and also with tomato ketchup along with some sliced onions. A must go option for all vegetarians.




Chicken Sholay Kebab:  Chicken cubes well marinated and arranged in skewers can be a good option for starters or as a side dish. This kebab is usually very soft from inside and perfect to eat with tandoori roti and also any rice preparation.




Mutton Boti Kebab: Small pieces of meat, marinated and cooked rapidly under intense heat, brushed with butter or ghee. This kebab goes best with green chutney and  if paired with fried papad the taste gets even better. This is one of the top pickings as a starter.




Crispy Spinach Chicken: This Chinese starter is best to curb our hunger and it is best when eaten along with crackling spinach which is delicious and mouth watering.Crispy chicken with crackling spinach is a popular aromatic and delicious dish. This is one of the speciality dishes from the house of Riyasaat e Hind. I personally would rate this dish at the top amongst all other starter dishes.






Chicken-Biriyani served with aloo and a generous portion of chicken along with salad and pudina leaf to add to its beauty and essence. A plate of chicken biriyani would suffice more than one person.





Mutton– Biriyani which is spicy in nature topped with cashew nuts and jaifal javitri, and served with a portion of aloo and a handsome portion of mutton. This dish goes best when paired with raita.





Butter Nun and Dal Makhani: Crispy tandoori butter nun goes best with dal makhani which is again one the best combination of North Indian cuisine lover.










Sabzi Glusthan: A mix veg dish that can be a good options for the vegetarians. This dish comprises of all sort of fresh vegetables sliced and cooked and is medium spicy in taste.





Dilli Butter Chicken:  Butter Chicken! The name alone can make us enjoy this ever-so-popular Indian dish. This dish tastes best when paired with tandoori nun.





Rabri: Any sweet lover will have this dish to be at the top of their desert checklist.  Rabri is basically a thick, creamy residue, which is left behind after milk is evaporated. It is a traditional Indian dessert and is often a part of celebrations and festivals. This condensed milk based dish is prepared on slow fire over a long period to get that perfect taste.






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