Old Forgotten Bengali Recipes

Looking for some orthodox cuisine which will take you back in time?

Then Bongnese Salt Lake have introduced some of the old forgotten Bengali Dishes curated by their chef which will amaze you with every bite.

Some of my personal pick from the diverse menu are as follows (as per order)-

✓Puratoni Chingri Cutlet

✓Kobirajer Kobiraji

✓Koi Macher Meghna Jamuna

✓Goalondo Ghat er Murgi

✓Patrik Saheb er Mangsher Jhol

Apart from the mentioned dishes there are Boyal Macher Jhati, Sohagi Sidur, Luchir Payesh etc.

All the dishes have a history on it’s own, and anyone will be amazed to hear the story it carries. For these reasons only these particular dishes have been selected for the menu.

•Date: 8th Feb 2020 to 16th Feb 2020
•Time: 12.00 pm to 10.30 pm
•Location: Near Salt Lake Central Park

Till then life itself is the proper binge. 

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