The Canteen by Asia House

  • Dorothy Bhattacharjee
  • on October 8, 2019
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Dorothy Bhattacharjee
  • October 8, 2019

Previously known as the Asia house, the place has been renovated as The Canteen by Asia House. It is located at a 3 minute walking distance from Lake Kalibari, nearest metro station being Kalighat.
The place is moderately sized and can accommodate around 30 people. It serves authentic Chinese, Thai and Asian cuisines.

Coming to the food I tasted here,

1) DAK GOMTANG (Chicken)- It is a Korean soup with noodles, scallions and black peppers. Small diced pieces of chicken added to the taste. It is not at all spicy and tastes amazing.


2) CHICKEN MOMO LEMONGRASS AND BASIL- Chicken momo panfried in Chilli sauce. Lemon grass and Gondhoraj leaves enhance the essence of the dish.

3) GRILL BULGOGI CHICKEN- Chicken pieces panfried in barbecue sauce flavored with Gochujang chili paste. The meat was perfectly cooked and the sauce gave a spicy essence to the dish.


4) KOREAN CHILLI FISH- A preparation from Seoul. The fish fillets are cooked in Korean chili garlic sauce and seasoned with Gochujang paste. The fish would melt in your mouth when you have a bite.

5) CHICKEN CHILLY SAMBAL- Chicken pieces cooked in Sambal sauce and cane sugar reduced soy garnished with bell peppers and chillies. It is a moderate spicy preparation which goes well with noodles as well as rice.

6) KHAO PHAT KATEAM – This is a Thai preparation with aromatic herbs and chili oil. It comes in five variations, Veg, Shrimp, Chicken, Seafood and Mixed.

Overall this place lives up to the mark when it comes to its food and ambience. Hygience is given the topmost priority here. So if one is looking for Authentic Chinese and Thai cuisines one cannot skip this place.

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