Let your Spirit Free at The Spirits, newest pub in town!

Sector V is a hub of pubs and restaurants and one can often find themselves baffled as to where to go for that evening drinks and music or just for a delightful lunch with your loved ones. You want great music and great food but it’s always a costly affair and that right there stops you from having a gala time.

Recently, the members of PanchPhoron and Am2PmFood visited the newest addition to the list of pubs in Sector V, Salt Lake. Fear not, this addition would not further add to your dilemma, but it just might actually be the ultimate solution for it.

So, what is the place? It’s called The Spirits. Mind you the name is not just because they serve a wide variety of Spirits, but they are sure to raise Your Spirits high and flying, providing you with an experience to cherish for a long time.

Now, that you are interested, so where is it? The Spirits is located right at Globsyn Crystals where you can easily spot it as a place that classy is too hard to not catch your eye.

The Ambiance of the pub as you enter would surely make you awe in wonderment. The golden theme along with blue décor, caged lights just light up the place perfectly. The seating arrangement is very comfortable with velvet covered sofas and leather ones. Where would you like to dine? The restaurant, the open-air patio or the indoor veranda? You choose!

The Ambiance

Now, coming to the Food. The menu boasts of wide variety of selections to choose from. The menu features dishes from Indian, European cuisine along with a wide variety of fusion dishes and The Spirits Signature dishes all of which are prepared with a lot of love and warmth by Chef Sukanta and his team.

Let’s have a look at a few of the dishes we were served:

Non-Veg Dipper Box: This dipper box is an all in one appetizer for your fried chicken cravings. The dish consists of 3 types of chicken: Parmesan Crumb Fried Chicken, Crispy Fried Chicken Wings and Chicken Popcorn. These are served with 3 Dips all made in-house: Garlic Aioli, Smoky Barbeque, Sriracha Aioli. The dish was an absolute delight since the chicken was topped with their in-house peri peri mix that really enhanced the taste. The Parmesan Crumb Fried chicken was made using thin slices of chicken breast coated in parmesan and breadcrumbs. Chicken popcorn was juicy and flavourful and was topped with kosher salt and peri peri spice mix which went amazingly well with the Garlic Aioli. The dips and the chicken are paired perfectly and would serve as the perfect accompaniment for your favourite drink.

Non-Veg Dipper Box

Mexican Pickled Veg Tostada: This dish looks like a Papri chaat who went to Mexico for few years and came back, but every bite would make you deceive what you see. The dish consists of crispy fried flour tortillas served with pickled vegetables in a creamy sauce, topped with tamarind chutney and mint mayo and potato vermicelli. All those chaat lovers, dig into this dish.

Mexican Pickled Veg Tostada

Tower of Monument: One of the best vegetarian fusion starters I have ever come across. The concept of the dish is quite unique. To serve a dish which teases your palate with a variety of flavours and texture. The dish consists of a crispy Potato Rösti topped with smoky and soft Paneer tikka which was again topped with ratatouille, spicy mayo, tamarind chutney and potato vermicelli. The 3 distinct textures really provide a great mouth feel and explosion of flavours. Who said you cannot have variety in Vegetarian food?

Tower of Monument

Peshawari Murgh Tikka: Juicy chunks of chicken marinated in a mixture of ginger, garlic and yoghurt along with kadhai masala, cooked to perfection. The speciality of the Murgh tikka is the fact that it is topped with crispy fried onions or Birista which really bring another layer of complexity to the dish in terms of flavour and texture. It is served with Parsley hummus dip. So, if you are a Murgh Tikka fan, do give this one a try.

Peshawari Murgh Tikka

Veg Shahane Tandoor: An assorted platter of mouth-watering kebabs which brings to you some delectable selection of Tandoor items. It has Malai Paneer Tikka, Malai Mirchi Cigar, Stuffed Tandoori Aloo and Angaari Paneer Tikka.

  • The Malai Paneer Tikka was very mild in flavour with a creamy taste and a hint of Kasoori Methi.
  • Malai Mirchi Cigar resembles a spring roll but is filled with spicy jalapeno, cheese and cottage cheese mixture with a hint of green chilli. Crispy from the outside, cheesy and spicy from the inside, I loved this.
  • Angaari Paneer Tikka: The Tikka was hot as it should be like an Angaar with a slightly tangy flavour.
  • Stuffed Tandoori Aloo: These potatoes were stuffed with a mixture of finely chopped vegetables, cottage cheese and dry fruits and cooked to perfection and topped with sour cream. It was a complete explosion of flavours and I absolutely loved it.
Veg Shahane Tandoor

Honey Chilli Crispy Chicken: I have had this dish a lot of time at various places, but I found it really interesting the way the dish was presented. The dish is made by tossing deep fried chicken strips into a perfectly balanced spicy and sweet honey chilli sauce, topped with sesame seeds. Now, the interesting part was that the dish was served on a bed of thinly sliced, fried, honeyed Darsaan strips or noodles. While, it may just seem to be a regular addition, it again added to the texture and flavour profile of the dish. Every strip of chicken when had along with the honeyed strips adds a crunch and sweetness to the flavour while the chicken provides the spicyness. I loved the concept and would definitely try it the next time I visit.

Honey Chilli Crispy Chicken

Mutton Bowl: A complete tummy filling meal which consists of small bite-sized chunks of mutton, slow cooked overnight in a spicy brown gravy. The mutton was melt-in-mouth and the slow cooking ensures the fact that every chunk is infused with the flavour and aroma of spices. The gravy is served along with a portion of Green Peas Pilaf or Green Peas Pulao topped with fried onions and mint leaves.

Mutton Bowl

Narkel Chingri Risotto: This signature dish served by The Spirits is truly amazing. The concept behind the dish is a fusion of Malayi Curry and Italian Risotto. The arborio rice is cooked al dente in coconut milk and tender coconut paste along with chunks of prawn. The dish was extremely flavorful and fulfilling. The dish was also garnished with a sprinkle of in-house spice mix of gunpowder masala for that adding yet another layer of flavour profile to the dish.

Narkel Chingri Risotto

American Magic: This dessert is truly a magical dish. The dish consists of layers of sponge cake and crumb along with vanilla ice cream, Tutti-Fruti ice-cream and mascarpone cheese. The dish is further topped with a tangy and sweet mixed berry compote, vanilla ice cream and choco stick. Every bite of this sinful dessert takes you to a different place where you feel joy. The sweet Tutti-Fruti, the crumbly sponge cake, the tangy compote, cream cheese and choco stick, just a perfect ending to the meal.

American Magic

How can a visit to a pub be complete without spirits? Especially, when the name of the pub itself is The Spirits! Now, let’s have a look at a few beverages that we were served:

Rosemary & Blueberry Mash: A sweet, slightly tangy but refreshing mocktail made with rosemary, along with blueberry, honey syrup and a dash of lime. Served with a garnish of rosemary twig.

Rosemary & Blueberry Mash

Mexican Xalapa: One of the Signature Cocktails by The Spirits, with a base of La Chica Tequila, flavoured with fresh strawberry and litchi with a twist of Jalapeno. Garnished with a strawberry.

Mexican Xalapa

Battle of Whiskey: Another Signature Cocktail by The Spirits, made with Jim Beam and Jameson Whiskey balanced with orange and coffee and is infused with thyme and passion fruit syrup. It is served along with a garnish of thyme and dehydrated lemon slice.

Battle of Whiskey

Overall, the experience at The Spirits was truly fantastic. Our spirits were let loose, caught up in the striking ambience, chic décor, lively music, heart-warming food, warm hospitality and all this for a great price and excellent value for money.  What else would you need for a perfect day? So, drop by at The Spirits and Let Your Spirit Free.

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